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Im 30 yrs old very happy married to a wonderful man (Nathan) i have a 7yr old son (Lochlan) and one on the way! We live in a town called Davistown. Im an aussie that use to live in the states! But have recently returned back to Australia! And im VERY passionate about cooking and my family!

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

BYOB! MMMM The smell of fresh Baked Bread!

Yet another lovely loaf of bread! This recipe is exactly the same as the 100% whole wheat sandwhich bread BUT i did not add the honey to this loaf for a more savory loaf of bread rather then sweet! I just sliced a few pieces for my son to have a PBJ sandwhich and he has not stopped mmm'ing since he took a bite! (He thinks i made white bread little does he know bwahaha!)


So i have been wanting spring to get here for the past few weeks! My time off from blogging i spent being outside in my garden, playing with my son and the dog, lounging in my lawn chairs listening to jazz! Doing TaeBo, Wii Fit and doing Bollywood dance work out as well as using my treadmill! And taking walks down to our lil wonderul park! Also Angie and i planted some of our seeds in her basement under a growing light! Before i post my picures of the past few wks! I wanna say a very big THANK YOU to Sara for handing me a huge box of clothes! Its helping me out a bunch! I am so close to be wearing the jeans and pants you gave me its unreal! Anyway my last couple of weeks in pictures! Here goes:

Jemput Jemput - JimputJimput a Malaysian snack!

So growing up my mum always made these as a snack/treat and most the time when it was cold and rainy outside! Its a savory fritter and boy is it tasty! Im not going to give ou measurements because those of you who follow my blog know its just not my thing... Plus when i learnt how to make this it was all done by looking at the batter!

Heres this list of what you'll need:

Plain Flour
Onion Powder
Garlic Powder
Fresh Flat Leaf Parsely
Chicken Breasts
Fresh Red Chillies
Oil for Frying

What ou going to do:
Get a nice size bowl and put a few cups of flour into it add onion/garlic powder to taste set aside.
Roughly chop up our washed parsely, and red chillies and add to your flour
Dice your onions and potatos into small bite size pieces REMEMBER you want them small enough that they will cook quickly in the hot oil! Dice up your chicken breast into small pieces and add to your flour! Take your bowl over to your tap or water filter and add water to your batter and stir every so often keep adding water until you get a thickish cake batter! When you reach this consistancy your ready to start frying! Have your oil preheated to the point that when you drop your spoonful of batter into it, it seals the batter and doesnt absorb the oil! When your fritters have sealed and started to change colour turn them over and fry that side continue to cook until golden brown :) Once cooled and your able to handle them cut em up into chunks and serve them with sweet chillie sauce or even ketchup!

Heres some pics as always!

Now you can add kinds of things to this batter BUT dont put beef in your mixer! It will turn out VERY rubbery and tough! I like adding prawns/shrimp to this mixer along with the chicken!

BYOB! 100% Whole Wheat Sandwhich Bread

So last week i was asked by the boys for bread that they could make BIG sandwhichs from... (ive since shown them how to slice the bread and make a couple of sandwhichs if the bread isnt BIG enough! LOL) So i looked threw my awesome bread bible!

And found a wonderful recipe for sandwhich bread! I went to work on it and man it smelt so good and im just talking about the DOUGH! The best thing about this books recipes is the fcat that you make the dough and you can depending on which recipe your following you can store it in your fridge from anywhere btw 5 days to 14 days! Yep thats right get the hard work out of the way which is the dough making and its not even that hard! And then store it and you can have fresh baked bread everyday! The only thing i do differently to my bread dough is add Flaxseed :)