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Im 30 yrs old very happy married to a wonderful man (Nathan) i have a 7yr old son (Lochlan) and one on the way! We live in a town called Davistown. Im an aussie that use to live in the states! But have recently returned back to Australia! And im VERY passionate about cooking and my family!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

~*August 2011*~

Ok so 2011 was a yr full of all sorts of ups and downs... Im not goin to get into it all i want to recap via photos of the goings on from August till December with you all! Im truly very sorry that i have been so distant in bloggy land no excuses just a plain I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME! <3 :)

August was a hard month with celebration in the mix... My nan was taken ill to hospital and a wk b4 we were to fly out for my best friends wedding in Hawaii she was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer.. She is pictured here with Arabella and Lochlan while she was waiting to have surgery.

She was to have surgery the morning we were flying out she did not want us to cancel our plans and it was very hard to leave her.
We landed in Hawaii in Honolulu and caught a connecting flight to the Big Island Kona <3 it was beautiful there... Hard to enjoy when we had no idea how the surgery went so as soon as we got to our hotel room we found out that the surgery had been cancelled and that she was rescheduled to have it after we returned from Hawaii. 

After finding out it was a little easier to enjoy the surroundings we went and seen the dancing that was goin on at our hotel they were amazing!

The Beautiful Bride to be met us ofcourse once we arrived and she was beaming with pure excitement! Who wouldnt right? Getting married in Hawaii wow :)

Here she is having cuddles with her god daughter ;) 
We took to some sight seeing b4 the wedding! Here is the active Volcano
Besties standing in front of it!
The lava that flowed over the road!
Here we are standing by a sign that survived the lava flow! How funny is it LOL

My mum n dad with their grand-daughter (Just my mum, dad bella and myself went to Hawaii) 
Enjoying breakfast along the water <3
My mum with Bella out front of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co!
Bride and Groom myself and the best man
This was the sunset we were blessed with while celebrating the wedding! 

We were surprised and entertained with an amazing show!

We spent a wk on Kona and i cant express how much i love this island! i would move there in a heartbeat if it wasnt for the Volcano LOL It was pure relaxation all the locals were so laid back and friendly! I cant wait to take my hubby and son back there for a visit!

This is the view from the penthouse suite we had for a wk! It was crazy busy there...the retail shopping ofcourse was amazing :D i some what melted the credit cards with all the shopping i did LOL but i did return home with pretty much all my Christmas shopping done!

Bella sporting her Bubba Girl onesie that nan got her lol.
We did a bus tour of Pearl Harbor and some of the Island.
Bella all ready for a swim!
Upon arriving back home here in Australia we made an appointment for Arabella to see our family doctor to have her checked out...The day before leaving for Hawaii i noticed something different about her....either her left leg was smaller or it was her right leg was larger...but it was there...and we had no idea what it could mean... So once home the appointment was made...our doctor check her out and agreed something was going on...did she want to tell us what she "thought" it was? No...she told us to give her a moment while she called to and seen if we could get an appointment with a specialist... *SIGH* we left with the knowledge that YES there was something wrong...and we had to wait for a call back from the Specialists office for an appointment...Here when it comes to appointments with specialists...its months of waiting b4 your appointment comes up...unless they think its something really bad....We got home from the doctors that day it was a Friday and the specialist called and wanted to see us first thing Monday stomach dropped...we had to wait till Monday to find out what it was...what do u do in that time? With the Internet just sitting here filled with all kinds of information...what do u think Nathan did? Yep...he researched...Basically when we went in on Monday morning we had 2 things that fit what was goin on with Bella...We were some what prepared...nervous...sick to our stomachs....and just plain worried... We got called back he did the once over and measured all her limbs and asked us some questions and then he told us what he was positive it was.. he diagnosed her with Hemihypertrophy.. it was hard to hear it we had suspected it from the research Nathan did. He made us an appointment to see a Geneticist to 100% confirm it. It was confirmed Bella for the time being will have to have an abdominal ultrasound examination which should be performed every three months until 8 years of age showing views of the liver, kidneys and other internal organs. Because the risk for hepatoblastoma drops markedly after this age, the remaining ultrasounds can focus specifically on the kidneys. She is a happy healthy girl apart from this...and for right now we are staying positive and loving her no matter what and we will deal with what ever it is that comes with this.
These photos were taken after her first visit to the doctors.