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Im 30 yrs old very happy married to a wonderful man (Nathan) i have a 7yr old son (Lochlan) and one on the way! We live in a town called Davistown. Im an aussie that use to live in the states! But have recently returned back to Australia! And im VERY passionate about cooking and my family!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

~**Nursery and Name Revealing**~

Well :) Here is the post you've all been waiting for!

So where to start... oh yea... what we had to work with! 
The apartment we moved into at my parents place is a nice size open room so 
even though we "thought" about putting Aj in with her big brother...
We opted to keep her in our room with us :) 
So the main wall in which us to be a garage mind you, turned into an apartment,
had a window in it and was never fully covered in and plastered.. Dad just placed dry wall in and nailed it in and painted a star and moon on that said area! He called up a mate who came and finished the wall 
which we were very grateful for..cuz if he hadnt of...we would of had to do it...and i wasnt looking forward to that part at all!
Took a couple days of drying and sanding and then it the rest was up to us! :)
So let me tell you this....paint in Australia is NOT cheap..... i almost fell over when we purchased the wall paints...we baught 2 small i think it was hlf litre paint pots, 2 paint brushes, a roller, a roll of painters tape and a tray grand total? $90 HOLLY MOLLY! :) But whatever! It looks amazing in my opinion!
It probably would have cost way more had it not been for the fact that dad had some paint we used as a "primer" worked out just fine! 
This is a pic hubby took after we were all done dressing the crib!  Look at that belly LOL lets not even talk about the boobs.. Shall we just say....ive gone up 5 cup sizes.... yep you read right...5! Goodbye C cup.. HELLO G cup..
So lets move onto the photos shall we!

So here is the wall all preped for painting as you can see its sporting a pretty star and moon and pretty blue painters tape!

Here it is all "primed" only took one coat, looked pretty good! Took a day to dry... felt like a week! Yep i found it hard to be patient threw this whole process LOL! Just ask the tape! I couldnt help myself!! Haha..
This is the pink we had colour matched to the light pink in the crib set we decided on! They did a good job huh! The girl who served us said they dont usually colour match anything material wise...which i thought sucked seeing i was so use to being able to go into Lowes and they would colour match pretty much ANYTHING! She gave it her best and well look at the next pic!
Seeing the lighter pink was a bigger area we only really had "enough" paint for one coat...but guess what? We patched over spots where it hadnt coated so well and seeing we used a light blue tinted primer it turned out really well! Here is the proud daddy to be applying the gorgeous dark pink!
SO what do we think?? :) i love how it turned out! Took me forever to figure out exactly what i wanted and to be honest i still wasnt sold on my idea when i decided LOL but i LOVE LOVE how it turned out! I decided no to the chair rail and went with a nice crisp (super light blue tinted) line! 
We got 2 coats of the darker on the bottom and it looks awesome! Took the night to dry and the next day it was time to put the crib together! I love this 4 in 1 crib and so glad that Nathan and i decided on this one together!
All put together! Here is Big Brother Loche posing for a pic very excited about lil sissy's arrival soon!
So there you have it! What do you think so far? Couldnt dress the crib  till the next day when mum and i went and picked up the mattress we had ordered! We moved the crib to where we wanted then scooted it forward and i measured and used a leveler to make sure where Aj's decal would go would be straight!
Atti was impressed! Wish i would have got a pic of when he first jumped in and he was splayed out on one of the bed rails LOL was very funny lol Atti has been given his notice as of sleepin in our room at night now :) he is allowed to visit but he goes and sleeps in with Loche at bed time.

So here we are...Here is Aj's Name!

"The name Arabella is of Latin origin and means "beautiful alter". It also means "answered prayer" in Italian."
Aj is most definitely an answered prayer in our eyes... she is our "Rainbow Baby" i first heard of this term the other night on one of my support groups for infant loss and miscarriage, they call babies that make it threw healthy after a miscarriage or still birth "Rainbow Babies" and i totally agree with this.. i said that Aj is most definitely a Rainbow after the storm that tore threw mine and my husbands hearts last year loosing our 2 Angel Babies...
Well what do we think? :)
How good did the girl do matching up the colour?!?! 
I really love how it turned out its most dfeinately girlie thats for sure! You watch she will probably grow up and hate pink! LOL
I love the crib set we went with! We almost didnt get this set as it was discontinued and we put Nathans mum on a mission to find it! And she did! 
Here i am lol... I have offically told Aj that she is has some where to sleep now and when ever she's ready come on down! LOL Nathan on the other hand has told her not a day sooner then her "due date" lol
LOOK at that BELLY! UGH lol im huge! If you were here and felt that belly ud most definitely agree with me that Aj 's got back baby! Yep thats her booty sticking out right there...LOL
Yep shes still in there ;)
Think i will make it another 3 weeks?
I reckon i wont make it 3 weeks :) almost everyone who sees me say they dont see me making it to my due date and i can honestly say i think im ok with that! :)