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Im 30 yrs old very happy married to a wonderful man (Nathan) i have a 7yr old son (Lochlan) and one on the way! We live in a town called Davistown. Im an aussie that use to live in the states! But have recently returned back to Australia! And im VERY passionate about cooking and my family!

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 22 Update and All Round Update of Life In Australia!

Week 22

Size of Baby:
Aj is the size of a Papaya
Movement has been pretty active this week! There has been a couple of nights where kicks have woken me from sleep they have been that strong! I can tell Aj has moved position as the kicks and movements are up higher this week!
Sleep has been better this week although like mentioned earlier Aj has woken me from deep sleep due to kicking!
Still craving spicey hot food! Also fresh fruit this week has had me drooling as well :) 
Fatigue, tender sore hips...lower back pain and discomfort
What i miss:
I miss cuddling up with my hubby lol seeing our bed has been invaded with body pillows and memory foam wedges for the baby bump theres not much room for falling asleep on my babes chest snuggling! 

This picture you see here is my mums cat....we came home to find him having a bath after playing and killing this baby snake..YUCK! :)

So i hope everyone has been well! I know i have had a couple of emails from some of you wonderful bloggy friends concerning our safety with Cyclone Yasi that hit Queensland last week.. I am lucky enough to say that we were no where near it thank goodness but watched the count down till its arrival and was up and awake when it hit land... Queensland is having a terrible time weather wise... I hope its all done for now...I dont think they can handle much more... On other news Lochlan started back at school Monday just gone, he was not looking forward to it at all...and i dont blame him he was only in school for the last 3 weeks last year before they went on school holidays. So he was nervous BUT im happy to report he loved his first week of school! HUGE relief for us :) here is a picture of him in his new school uniform! :)

Not much of a serious picture but hey :) we had him laughing before we all took him (nanny included) to school and went to his first assembly of the school year! 

Here is a picture of Lochlan and Atti whom has decided the second hand stroller i won on ebay for $10 is his new bed! Lol he almost doesnt fit in the dang thing thats how big the cat has gotten! Yes i am starting to nervously buy baby items... Im loving buying the items but at the same time im still nervous and worried.. I have been to a few garage sales with my mum and gotten some really awesome bargins and i must admit a good amount of it has been girl stuff... BUT all i can say is that IF Aj does turn up to be a B O Y atleast i can resell the items on ebay and atleast get the lil bit of money i spent back for said items :) On more baby shopping news front...I finally did the baby gift registry at Babies R Us...i have been putting it off for a while now although i have been there and a few other stores a few times now but always back away from doing the registry... This time was different i did it because doing so i was given a $50 gift card! Bonus! What did i use it for? I baught a lilac Bumbo seat! :) And a couple OshKosh onesies and bibs!

Loche has really taken to mums cat which is a good thing seeing he misses his cat back in the states... Atti and him seem to be getting along good, here in this picture is atti sprawled out over Lochlans lap while he was up in mum n dads house watching telly and playing on my new phone. I guess Atti felt that Lochlan wasnt paying him enough attention and just took it into his own hands and got up and plopped himself onto of Loche :) he stayed like this for a long while stretched out all the way across and towards the end he slide off his lap due to his stretching and tryin to get Lochlans attention!

So lately well i should say the last week or so its been REALLY hot here how hot you ask? in the 100's... SO MELTY! But previous to that when we would get a little bit of rain we always go outside to check out how many frogs are out and about :) You can guarantee you will atleast see 10 or more frogs! Here are a couple pictures of some of the frogs i have captured pictures of!

This little guy was in the toilet up on the wall so cute!

This adorable tiny little thing was in the bathroom by the towel rack! He was about the size of a grape!

And this guy sooo cute! Looks like a rock or a stone doesnt he :) He was by the glass sliding door in front of Lochlan's apartment! He was about the size of a plum!

And this lil guy well he is just stinking cute! Lil green tree frog his is always around by the Bbq i have seen this same frog a few times now :) its currently raining outside HOORAY! and he is back out by the path way i have been out and said my hellos to him and the others hopping about! I know im a lil crazy but FROGGYS are so stinking cute!

Another water front shot i have plenty of them! Life sure is different here now after returning after 9 years.. My expectations were definitely not met in a few ways since ive been back some good some bad... I do miss my house back in the states and i miss my best friends Kevin, Joey and Angie.. All 3 in different ways :) Angie like you all know is due not long after me so she is going threw pregnancy as well and i wish i was going threw it with her we have so many things in common and i miss sharing those hobbys/interests with her... I have caught up with a few of my old school friends which has been nice but being away 9 years and "growing up" into adult hood in a different country has been hard to fall back into friendships like i had wished would happen. Its hard and i dont know if its pregnancy hormones or what but some days i feel lonely and crave female friendship like what i had with Angie! I have a best friend here in Australia I have spoken of her before Danielle whom recently got engaged im so happy for her! But she lives and works in Sydney and is one busy bee :) she is busy planning her over seas destination wedding, we have been invited down a couple of times to stay with her and her fiance but they have fallen threw due to other plans or me not feeling well and/or being on bed rest... We will make it down hopefully soon. But i am excited to have them both coming up on the 13th to stay with us for a couple of days and celebrate Valentines Day with them at a beautiful little restaurant down on the water front! Things that have been on my mind lately? Who will plan my baby shower thats one thing thats been bothering me.. But Nathan keeps telling me i have plenty of time and theres nothing to worry about (HA Guys!) Anyway more on that topic another post!

This is a baby Blue Tongue Lizard! Isnt he cute! In a reptile dino way! Lol he wasnt very old he had egg shell still on his head and neck my dad peeled it off for him...The only reason we picked him up was because naught Atti decided this lil guy would be a fun harm came to this lil guy we locked the cat away and the baby made tracks!

On the way home from a movie under the stars one night a couple weeks ago we made a stop at Terrigal Beach! We went over to all the boats that were coming in after a day out on the ocean! One of the boats had caught this lil ugly guy...he was caught because this lil buga kept eating their bait! So apparently he was perfect size for battered fish pieces and he would be lunch the next day and chips! This is a small mako shark if you were wondering :)


Natasha said...

Well, my dear Kira and family, I am so glad to hear that all is well and that you are all safe and healthy. I am so sorry I haven't been by for such a long time but I have been a very bad blogger over the last couple of months. With the floods, cleaning up, tiling the house and going back to school life has been crazy. I am back to regular blogging now,though, so am really looking forward to hearing all of your news and seeing those pictures of your bump! Looks like you are having a wonderful! I bet you must be getting so excited! Do take care of yourself in these last few weeks and stay out of this dreadful heat! YUCK!

Catch you again soon!

Best wishes,

KathyA said...

Glad you're doing so well and Loch is okay with the new school. Love you mum's kitty! At least you can be assured there won't be any critters in that stroller!

Anonymous said...

You are doing so well, my friend!

Good for you!!

Many cyber hugs & kisses to you from the other end of the world!!