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Im 30 yrs old very happy married to a wonderful man (Nathan) i have a 7yr old son (Lochlan) and one on the way! We live in a town called Davistown. Im an aussie that use to live in the states! But have recently returned back to Australia! And im VERY passionate about cooking and my family!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Divine Home Made Chocolate Syrup

So while in amish country last wkend i baught a ton of carob powder and dark cocoa powder :) what better way to use this up? Make home made chocolate syrup! My girlfriend Angie has made her own for a lil while now so seeing my boys like their chocolate milk why not give it a shot right? So on sunday just gone while preping my green tomatoes i made up a big bottle of choco syrup :) and to my suprise it turned out pretty dang good! Here is there recipe Angie passed on to me but i used it only for guidline as u all know by now i cant follow a recipe!

½ cup cocoa powder
1 cup water2 cups sugar
⅛ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon vanilla

Mix the cocoa and the water in a saucepan.
Heat and stir to dissolve the cocoa. Add the sugar, and stir to dissolve.
Boil for 3 minutes over medium heat. Add the salt and the vanilla. Let cool. Pour into a sterile glass jar, and store in the refrigerator. Keeps for several months. Yields two cups.

So here is my version of this yummy recipe :D

1 cup of dark cocoa powder
1 cup of carob powder
2 cups of raw cane sugar
2 cups of water
1 Tablespoon of vanilla
and a pinch of salt

Mix your carob and cocoa with your water in the saucepan, stiring constantly, keep mixing until the cocoa and carob dissolves. Now add your cane sugar mix till dissolves. Boil for a few mins then turn it down to a simmer. *REMEMBER* WATCH YOUR SYRUP IT DOES NOT TAKE MUCH FOR IT TO BURN!
Add your vanilla and salt mix threw. Take it off the stove and let it cool down, once cooled off pour it into a sterile bottle or glass jar.
This made 4 cups of divine syrup.



Brandy said...

Chocolate.......yum! I'm so thankful that dark chocolate is on my diet.

KiraAJ said...

Dark chocolate should be on EVERYONES diet hehe :) i even have my hubby enjoyin it now!

Nicole said...

I am sold! I love chocolate milk! =D

Stopping by form SITs =D

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Sounds wonderful!!! ♥ Here from SITS. You were right before me. Hope your day is lovely.

Sophie said...

What a superb & tasty home made chocolate syrop!!

Waw!! A lovely gift too!

Equidae said...

hey passed from sits loved the recipe and i think i will try it :)

Isabelle said...

What a beautiful and delicious chocolate syrup! I really love that you used carob powder.

Jillie Bean said...

Loved it Kira!!! I just made it, now my 5 yr old wants to make some and give it to Grandpa for Christmas!!!!

KiraAJ said...

!! Fantastic Jill :) Loches fav part of making syrup is licking the spoon ofcourse LOL yesterday he tryed to convince me to let him bottle the stuff up up HA i was like yeaaa...NO i dont think so i dont think grubby fingers in syrup thats being bottled as gifts is a good idea my darling!