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Im 30 yrs old very happy married to a wonderful man (Nathan) i have a 7yr old son (Lochlan) and one on the way! We live in a town called Davistown. Im an aussie that use to live in the states! But have recently returned back to Australia! And im VERY passionate about cooking and my family!

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Thursday What a Day!

So my thursday started out with a doctors visit to the dermatoligist which went well nothing to much to report there... but afterwards Hubby and i headed to LevisCommons to the BooksAMillion out there cuz i was hunting a book.. Which online they said it was in stock and i later found out after much searching that the only copy they had.. had been sold and no one entered it into the computer :P boo i say! But anyway this is the book that i was hunting for which i later purchsed!

So im VERY happy! And i cant wait to start learning how to make bread for my family... Its definately something ive wanted to try.... and one of my best friends does it all the time but as much as i love cooking... baking bread has always intimidated the heck out of me! And after many reviews on this book i figured ya know what the heck im gunna do this! Ive found myself with so much more energy and what seems to be spare time on my hands i wanna start tackling things ive always "wondered" about... bringin me on to my next rant so to speak... My hubby and i last night arrived at one of our fav italian resturants about 20 mins b4 they closed... but they welcomed us in as they do :) the resturant of our choice last night was Carrabbas we ordered 2 antipasta's for our meal which worked out perfectly! which were :
"CALAMARI ricardo, Our Calamari served with a spicy Italian pepper and lemon butter sauce" and "COZZE IN BIANCO, Mussels steamed in white wine,basil, lemon butter and Pernod" both very delish! With me having had my WLS i dont eat all that much so this worked out perfectly! Anyway while we were sitting there in our candle lit booth we discussed my "itch" i guess and im so glad to have a hubby who supports me no matter how crazy i can get :P so i told him that my plan for spring was to get the rest of my veggie planter boxs done bcuz i dont want to purchase any veggies come time from a store i wanna grow it all myself! and btw our garden and our bestfriends across the road this should work out! i did a garden last yr was my first one and i did pretty good considering it was the first time id done it... My mum and dad have always done veggies gardens and done well at it.. me however im pretty good at killing plants and believe u me its a full time job being as good as i am at killing plants :P well Angies good at it to! hehe one of the many reasons we get along so well! hehe <3>

But this thing is amazing! ive had my nose in it ever since she left it here last wk! And when we finally got home late last night i finally had the chance to write down everything i wanted to order! almost $50 later and only hlf way threw the book... ive decided to finish up ordering 2nite while over at Joe and Angie's where i can see exactly what she is plannin on growin so we dont end up grownin a bunch of the same stuff! So the other thing i talked to my hubby about is my want to start infussing olive oil for cooking and dipping! He wants me to go ahead and do these things rather then getting a job cuz this way ill still b home with our son whom ill talk about him in another blog some other time his a one in a million child i tell ya... some of the things he says and comes up with will crack u up! anyway thats it for this blog :P until next time!


Sara (Hostage Negotiation) said...

You have GOT to try Ang's milk & honey bread. I've made 4 loaves this week. Eek! SO good & really easy. Don't be intimidated by bread, Kira! It's fantastic!

KiraAJ said...

Yes im wanting to make my own bread that way i know whats in it and i wanna stop paying for bread from the store! Just like i wanna not have to buy veggies from the store and just wonder out the back yard and get me some fresh veggies (or wonder over to angies and get from her lol!)

Sara (Hostage Negotiation) said...

I'd just go to Angie's. ;) A farmer, I am not. I'm hoping our next house will be more garden-friendly, but the sun exposure in our yard right now just makes it nearly impossible for a good veggie place. I am hoping to get that herb garden done this year, though.

KiraAJ said...

Yea herbs are pretty easy from my experience! Not to mention when you get over whelmed by them dry em out! Thats what Nathan and i did with all the basil, chives and oregano and parsely i had at the end of summer mid fall still!