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Im 30 yrs old very happy married to a wonderful man (Nathan) i have a 7yr old son (Lochlan) and one on the way! We live in a town called Davistown. Im an aussie that use to live in the states! But have recently returned back to Australia! And im VERY passionate about cooking and my family!

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Friday, February 10, 2012

~* November 2011 Part 1 *~

November...Ah unlike October.. November was TOTALLY a busy month :) too long for one post!
So this post for part one is something i haven't done in a VERY long time...its a food post (and don't fall over but there will be a couple more coming!)*GASP* 
lol but i thought i would share this simple tasty salad i whipped up!

Sweet and Tangy this salad has it all!

I used a bag of washed fancy lettuces and baby spinach.
a container of washed local grown blueberries
Half a small container of sprouted beans (they r awesome in this salad! totally give it an awesome crunch!)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Fresh cracked black pepper
Balsamic Vinegar
Garlic Powder
a squeeze of lime juice
and a pinch of raw sugar!

Whisk up all your ingredients and you have a yummy dressing! Toss the lettuce, Blue berries and sprouted beans roughly. Drizzle the dressing and toss all together and serve! YUMO!


Alexis AKA MOM said...

OMGosh girlie that does look yummy!

Pattie said...

See, this is why I don't blog browse while Im hungry!!!!

"Are there any leftover???...I'll be right over!"

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Hey sweets, sorry I'm so behind on my emails so I'd thought I'd drop by to say hi! LOVES :)

Anonymous said...

Waw, what a lovely & good for you fruit salad! yum Yum Yum! That dressing sounds divine too! :)

Just beautiful food! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of blueberries in a salad! Yum.