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Im 30 yrs old very happy married to a wonderful man (Nathan) i have a 7yr old son (Lochlan) and one on the way! We live in a town called Davistown. Im an aussie that use to live in the states! But have recently returned back to Australia! And im VERY passionate about cooking and my family!

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Friday, February 10, 2012

~* November 2011 Part 1 *~

November...Ah unlike October.. November was TOTALLY a busy month :) too long for one post!
So this post for part one is something i haven't done in a VERY long time...its a food post (and don't fall over but there will be a couple more coming!)*GASP* 
lol but i thought i would share this simple tasty salad i whipped up!

Sweet and Tangy this salad has it all!

I used a bag of washed fancy lettuces and baby spinach.
a container of washed local grown blueberries
Half a small container of sprouted beans (they r awesome in this salad! totally give it an awesome crunch!)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Fresh cracked black pepper
Balsamic Vinegar
Garlic Powder
a squeeze of lime juice
and a pinch of raw sugar!

Whisk up all your ingredients and you have a yummy dressing! Toss the lettuce, Blue berries and sprouted beans roughly. Drizzle the dressing and toss all together and serve! YUMO!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

~*October 2011*~

Not to much went on in October really Kevin returned during the beginning of the month it was extremely tough on all of us having to say goodbye to him again.. No Halloween for us we had a few kids stop by and we handed out candy. October we did decided that 2012 we would return back to the states for a holiday though! We remembered our angel babies Sweet Pea and Baby Jacobs this month we lit candles in memory of them.. We miss them oh so much and still think of them often specially everytime we cuddle Arabella <3 Heres a few photos snapped during this month.

Friday, January 20, 2012

~*September 2011*~

So September was some what a busy month for us...with Bella and myself returning back from Hawaii and Nathan finally getting a JOB!! WAHOO someone finally gave him a chance!! (yes he got a job a wk b4 Kevin arrived how crap is that timing....!) We didnt have too to long to unpack and get ready for the arrival of our 5th family member :) Nathan and mine's best friend, Lochlan and Arabella's god father, Kevin which if your familiar with my blog you some what know him! :) My mum drove Bella and i down to pick him up from the airport as Nathan was working... It took barely anytime so it seemed to get to Sydney airport but once there...its took FOREVA for him to arrive it felt like... When he finally walked down the arrivals pathway it was very emotional as this was the first time we'd seen each other since we left almost a yr prior to his arrival.. He had lots of hugs n kisses for his lil Bella and she did fine meeting him for the first time :) On our way home we stopped at the local take away to pick up some grub for him and he even helped change a poopy diaper! What an awesome Uncle he is :) He really has been one of the bestfriends anyone could ever hope for.. And his great with our kids! Couldnt ask for a more responsible god father for our children <3 
 It was hard saying goodbye to him after his few wks here with us.. But during his stay we tryed to get some sight seeing in! Unfortunately my ankle decided to mess up while he was here so it made sight seeing a lil hard for me...I want to share some of the photos that were snapped during his stay :)

Kevs first night
<3 bathing Bella together

<3 this pic
Doting God father <3
Kisses from her Uncle Kev
Kev visiting with the kangaroos 
Terrigal Haven
Kev and Loch @ Terrigal Haven
The view from the Skillion at Terrigal

Water play area at the park in The Entrance
Feeding the Kangaroos
They are wild but the public feed them bread
The View from my Aunt n Uncles house at MacMasters Beach

The Rip Bridge in the back ground
Patonga Beach

On the lift to Taronga Zoo
Apparently he felt like snacking on an umbrella..

Sydney Aquarium

Nathan getting ready to chow down on a meaty Crocodile Burger!

Darling Harbor
Darling Harbor has an amazing kids play park with water and light areas..this is kev playin in one of the areas lol